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Monday, August 30, 2004

Back in the saddle


A whole week without blogging. It was hard to go that long, but I was busy. Really, really busy. I kept trying to get time to get my new blog set up. A gratifying number of people emailed asking me to let them know where I had gone, but I had all this damn work to do. And then I went out of town. But now I'm back, and it's time to blog!

So...the new title. My spies believe they have unconvered the identity of the person who turned me in to HR, and they warned me that the suspected BlogNarc can be quite vindictive. I don't plan on blogging from work, or blogging much about work, but still, I want to avoid giving BlogNarc any more ammunition against me. This meant I had to come up with a title that is completely random, and not linked to me in any way.

When I first started my old blog, my husband joked that I should somehow work penguins into the title. I didn't do it then, but since I'm starting over, I decided to go with that. Bad Penguin struck me as funny for some reason.

I know. I have a weird sense of humor. But there you have it.

I have to set up my new blogroll and add the Haloscan comments again. I'll probably get to that tomorrow night. But yay! At least I have a blog again.