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Thursday, September 23, 2004

And then they were so nice

Lord, they are lovey-dovey.

I'm talking about the credit card companies here. Six weeks ago, I was firmly in the "You've got a bunch of debt, so we're going to charge you an insane amount of interest" category. And then I paid them all off. Every last cent of the money we owed those bloodsucking, soul crushing bastard credit card companies. And now they all looove me. Everyone wants to give me a card. 9%...6%...4% interest! 0% for six months! And so on. BankOne, who insisted they had to charge me 28% interest even though I had never missed a payment -- not one! -- in all the years I had a card with them, is begging me not to take my business away.

But I will not be swayed. That is one lesson that I do not need to learn a second time, thank you very much. If we want something, we can damn well wait and save up money for it. So take that evil Visa and MasterCard!