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Monday, September 20, 2004

Impressions of my day

I've decided a summary of my day would be boring and predictable. Instead, here is a sampling of the thoughts I had today, in somewhat chronological order:

Bed is so warm and comfortable. Want to sleep. No. Sleep. Ok, little dog! We'll go for a walk.

I hate all my clothes. I wish I could wear jeans to work. Why can't I wear jeans to work?

Green means go, you idiots.

I'm really not in the mood for work today.

Well, now that I'm actually working it's not so bad.

You know, I really like my new employee.

Leftover Indian food makes for an awesome lunch. Oh look. Britney Spears got married again. Hmm.

My mom is IM'ing me. Wow, she's a ray of sunshine today. I wonder if anyone else has ever managed to mention three separate people who died in one five minute IM conversation.

It's 6:30 already? Wow, my day really picked up. Time to hit the road!

"Kerry/Edwards. Because 'Yee-ha' is not a foreign policy" That's a pretty funny bumper sticker.

Everyone who works at Whole Foods is so friendly. Wait, is the the cheese guy flirting with me? Ooh, smoked mozzarella.

Light bulbs. Light bulbs. Where did they move the light bulbs to?

I know there's no item limit on the self checkout lanes, but it is rude to use them if you're buying 100 things. Just go to a cashier. You're not saving anyone any time.

Green means go, you idiots.

Ah, home. Hello Seamus! Hello John!

Ouch! Stabbing yourself in the thumb with a really sharp knife hurts. That's what I get for mis-using one of my beloved knives. They are for chopping, not scraping.

Dinner. Yummy.

I really like Etta James. Sunday Kinda Love is a good song.

Time to wrap up this entry. I'm sleepy. Good night.