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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Jury Duty, part deux

I know, for something I'm not supposed to talk about, I sure am talking about it, aren't I? But no identifiable details, so I'm within the law.

I just want to share one thing.

So, I'm sitting there in my juror #11 chair, and one of the lawyers is talking. He makes a statement "So and so has done something or other and that's an excellent whatever," pause, "for me to blah blah blah..." And what pops into my head at this very serious moment? Triumph the Insult Comic Dog saying "for me to poop on!" I literally had to sit there biting my lip and lecturing myself-- " Do NOT laugh. Now is NOT the time to laugh. Just focus on what the man is saying." And of course, that's when the lawyer stops to look something up in his notes, so I had to sit there, picturing myself laughing and the judge asking if I want to share anything with the rest of them, and then getting hauled off to jail for being in contempt or something.

Luckily, I got myself under control. So I won't have to blog from the big house due to my wildly inappropriate sense of humor.