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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Mistrial. Plus, weddings, babies and no hot water!

Yep, my glorious jury service ended in a mistrial. We were totally deadlocked, with six not guiltys, four guiltys and two undecideds. It was a much more interesting experience than I thought it would be. I also had no trouble making up my mind, as I had feared I might. There was reasonable doubt all over the place. To be fair, the prosecutor didn't have a great case to begin with. I don't know why they brought it to trial at all. Even the judge said he wasn't surprised by the outcome.

But I'm done, and I can return to my normal life. And here's what has been happening in my normal life:

My friend Carri recently got engaged on a trip to Italy (very romantic!), and is getting married at the end of this year. I'm excited for her. Congratulations, Carri!

My friend Julie, you know, the one whose baby blanket I haven't even started yet? She had her baby at 4 a.m. A boy, 6 lbs, 10 oz. They named him Benjamin Ari (not sure of the spelling). Ari means lion and is in memory of our friend Leo who died last year, which made me cry just a little bit. Naturally I had to run to Buy Buy Baby to buy presents after work. After much obsessing I got the cutest little sleeper with an elephant on it and a rattle that looks like a turtle. Congratulations Julie and Mark! And welcome to the world Benjamin Ari!

And then I got home to learn that while they have figured out why I had no hot water this morning, they haven't fixed the problem. I cannot stand cold showers. So I didn't get to take a real shower this morning, and I won't get to take one tomorrow morning either. Just the hasty rinse and splash as my teeth start chattering. Luckily, the blog doesn't have smell-o-vision, so you all are safe if I get stinky.