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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Penguin To-Do List

I realized last night as I was trying (and failing) to fall asleep that not only do I have a huge project list at work, I have a lot to do at home. Which is why I lie in bed making lists in my head instead of sleeping. So I’m trying a little experiment here. If I actually put the list down in writing, will I stop obsessing and get some damn sleep?

I have to:

• Finish the baby blanket I am knitting for my friend Christine’s little girl Avery. She’s already four weeks old. I’m only halfway done. Never again will I buy the fine yarn. Never again.

• Get the oil changed on the car.

• Get the brakes fixed on the car.

• Start and complete the memory book about my friend Leo in the next two weeks. I had the idea to put together an album of stories and photos of Leo for his little boy Malcolm’s dedication back in the spring. October seemed so far away then. I’ve written one story. One.

• Make travel arrangements to go to New Hampshire for Malcolm’s dedication. I thought this was some hippie-crunchy thing my friend Jules was doing, but apparently it is a Baptist thing. But hopefully still hippie-crunchy too.

• Get started on knitting the baby blanket for my friend Julie’s baby, who is due on October 5th. This blanket will be made with chunky yarn. Chunky yarn is my friend.

• Seriously de-clutter my house. All sorts of crap has piled up here over the last seven years, and it is time for a purge.

• Order a copy of my credit report to be sure all of my credit cards are listed as paid in full and cancelled at my request.

• Make travel arrangements to go to Colorado to see John’s sister.

• buy new bras. My two favorite bras both died this week.

• replace the light switch for my bedroom closet, which only works now if you hold it in one particular position. Which means I can't reach the back of the closet and have light.

And then, of course, there's all the of the usual stuff. Work (and lots of it.) Errands. Cleaning. Laundry. Seeing my friends. Seeing my family. Yoga class. And I get to go sit around the county courthouse all day on Monday to see if I get picked for jury duty.

I'll let you know if the experiment works.