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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Random bits and pieces

• I spent a very satisfying day at work cleaning my office and getting organized. It took most of the day, which meant that I didn't get all of my work done, but it was worth it. You can see my desk again. Plus, I got all of my files and binders up to date, so I can now hand them over to my new employee and she can take over keeping them up to date. That will work much better than my current system of lots and lots of piles, occasionally sorted and held together with binder clips, but never actually doing any filing.

• This morning I discovered that one of my favorite authors has a blog. He's as creative and interesting on the blog as he is in his books. If you want to check it out, visit http://www.neilgaiman.com/journal/journal.asp

• Coincidently, I came home and John is reading a Neil Gaiman graphic novel.

• If you're not reading Bluepoppy, you should be. She's writing and posting this serial novel called Don't Think Twice that's got me totally hooked. It even made me miss the Boston area a little. I wish I could write like that! Instead, my talents seem to lie in the marketing genre.

• I passed a car today that had both a Kerry/Edwards sticker and a Bush/Cheney sticker. I suppose I should be more tolerant, but if someone I shared a car with wanted to put a Bush/Cheney sticker on the car, I wouldn't let them. Of course, the only person I share my car with is my husband, and he'd have to be kidnapped by aliens and replaced with a pod before he'd ever suggest such a thing. And even then, I'd guess that John's hatred of Bush is so strong that it would spill over to his pod-self and prevent that from happening.