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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Too damn tired

So, I finally get five minutes to sit and write in my blog, and I'm so tired I can't think of anything interesting to say. This week feels like it has been 18 days long. I had very long meetings on Monday and Wednesday that took up most of my day. That meant that I had to work extra late on Tuesday and Wednesday and again tonight. I've been getting home so late that I haven't even gotten to cook with my fancy new saucepan yet.

I've spent so much time at work that I haven't really done anything else. Let's see...I gave Seamus a bath on Monday after I found some fleas on him. He hates getting a bath, but I will not tolerate fleas. Not even a little bit. He seems flea free now.

Oh, I'm getting a new office. A nice big one too. They love to move people around in my company, and I lucked out in the new office lottery this time.

And right now, John and I are watching Smokey and the Bandit on AMC. I guess it is a new movie classic or something. Smokey just called the Bandit a "sumbitch." I don't think I've ever called anyone a sumbitch. Or even a son of a bitch, for that matter. I'll be looking for a way to work that into a post soon, I think.

Ok, time for bed. I'm really starting to ramble.