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Monday, November 22, 2004

Random Monday Thoughts

I'm tired. Too tired to be clever really. So instead, I've got a random collection of ideas for your enjoyment.

• It's really bothering me that I can't remember the name of this kid I was friends with in college. He was really sweet, and had dreadlocks and worked in the library at MassArt. He would let me check books out for my art history papers when I waited until the last minute and all of the books I needed had been checked out of the Wellesley art library. And I always waited until the last minute. I was thinking his name was Bobby, but then I remembered that was a different guy. Also nice and also with dreadlocks, but he wasn't an art student. He was in a band called Seven League Boots, and was originally from DC like me. In DC he was in a band called Soulside. Or maybe it was Kingface. He was in one and his brother, whose name I have also forgotten, was in the other. Anyway, not-Bobby's nickname was something like Drake. But that's not quite it.

• Other nicknames that I can remember from that era are: Goose, Annubay, Moon, Topher, Ram, Teeth and Buzz. If you'd like to play match the nickname, their real names were Alan, Sebastian, Lucy, Keith, Ann, Ramadan and Christopher. I also had many friends with normal names, if you're wondering.

• Finding Neverland is a really good movie. I highly recommend it. Johnny Depp is amazing as J. M. Barrie, and the kid who plays Peter is wonderful. I must warn you though, I sobbed and sobbed at the end of this movie. 'Course, I am a well-known cry-baby.

• I think people should give Van Morrison more credit as a musician. You don't hear that much about him, but he has many fine songs. Including Tupelo Honey, which I particularly enjoy.

• Also underrated? The Rolling Stones song Moonlight Mile.

And with that, I think it is time for bed.

P.S. the nickname match up answers: Goose/Lucy, Annubay/Ann, Moon/Sebastian, Topher/Christopher (that one is actually a guess), Ram/Ramadan, Teeth/Keith and Buzz/Alan.