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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Late to the party

I really wanted to participate in National De-Lurking Day, but this is the first chance I’ve had to blog all day. Now it’s 10 o’clock and everyone is probably busy watching the 2nd hour of Alias. Anyway, if by some chance you haven’t heard by now, Sheryl came up with the idea to encourage lurkers to de-lurk, just for the day and say hello. So, if anyone out there wants to de-lurk at this late hour, please do.

That is, if anyone is still reading after I haven’t posted in six days! For which I am truly sorry. Here’s what’s been going on, since I last wrote:

Wednesday: Woke up depressed about my dad. Ate many peanut butter Hershey kiss cookies. Eventually decided that my relationship with my dad has always sucked and will continue to suck until the day he dies (which suddenly seems much closer) and all I can do is try to accept that fact. Had a nice dinner with my friend Laila.

Thursday: Spent the day frantically searching for a dress to wear to my friend Carri's wedding on Friday. Ended up spending way more money than I wanted to, but at least I had something to wear. Came home to the excellent news that John’s final grades were posted and I am now married to a college graduate. Yay! Got pizza and cheese fries to celebrate. Had stupid fight with John about whether or not the suit he wanted to pack for the wedding was too casual.

Friday: Got up insanely early to fly to New Hampshire, after getting no sleep because I am a freak and woke up once an hour all night long because I was worried about oversleeping. Drove to my friend Jules’ house and got ready for the wedding. John’s reaction to me in the wedding outfit made it worth every penny. Drove to Marblehead for the wedding, which was lovely. My friend Carri looked beautiful and so happy. The church she got married in was built in 1714 and modeled after a church that Christopher Wren designed in London after the great Fire of 1666, which you probably only care about if you are a geek like me. Then it was back to NH to ring in the New Year with Jules. And celebrate her birthday, which is January 1st.

Saturday: Got up early. Played with Jules’ adorable baby boy Malcolm. Longed for child of my own. Flew home. Picked up naughty doggy who has managed to destroy my mom’s winter coat, which I am now going to have to replace.

Sunday: Try to do all of the things I didn’t get done on my vacation. Fail miserably. Go to yoga class, which is awesome, as always.

Monday: While walking the dog, realize I have to speak at the 2005 Kickoff meeting we’re having at work that afternoon. Swear a lot. Go to work and try to remember what I said I’d talk about when we planned the meeting weeks ago. Somehow pull off the presentation.

Tuesday: Struggle to focus on work. Fail miserably.

Wednesday: Did I take a vacation? Where did this huge mountain of work come from? Can I take another vacation?