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Monday, February 14, 2005

Always go with your first instinct

My weekend was insanely busy. So busy that between the two yoga classes, the surprise party (Happy Birthday Valerie!) the dinner with John’s mom, the brunch with my mom and the Tupperware party way out in Centerville (or, as I call any place I have to take Route 66 to get to, Hell), I had no time to cook anything, much less put together any sort of lunch.

I made my way to Whole Foods at lunchtime today, thinking that I wanted these Asian style noodles they make. I also wanted cake, but I pretty much always want cake. Who doesn’t? Sadly, when I got to Whole Foods, they didn’t have any of the noodles. After having a small internal tantrum, I decided that I will not be denied, so I went in search of the ingredients to make my own, peanuttier version tonight. This led to me wasting a bunch of time in the Asian food section, trying to decide if I wanted to Soba or Udon. In the end I just bought linguine. That’s probably some sort of gourmet crime (inauthentic noodles!), but whatever.

By this point I was starving, so I wandered back over to the prepared foods aisle. Where the 5 layer Mexican dip caught my eye. I love that dip. It is so tasty. However, that stupid voice in my head that tries to get me to make wise nutritional decisions just wouldn’t let me buy dip for lunch. Not even the small container. So we compromised and I got a bean and cheese burrito. Big mistake! It was awful. I don’t know if they switched to a new burrito maker or what, but the burrito was so spicy I couldn’t eat it. It was full of these very tiny pieces of some sort of very spicy green pepper. I spent about half an hour trying to pick the little pepper bits out, and then gave up and threw it away. I knew I should have gotten the dip. Or cake.