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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Hideous cold of death

That’s what I’ve got. I think my immune system just threw up its hands and said “You are one stressed out cookie. I give up!” and then the cold germs blitzkrieged their way in and took over my body. The last few days have been a blur of DayQuil, massive amounts of nose blowing, visits to see my mother-in-law in the hospital (who is getting better) and sitting on the couch feeling like crap.

Yesterday I also managed to squeeze in lunch and spa time with Laila, who is struggling with her own strain of the cold of death. We went to lunch here, where we enjoyed crepes and their amazing pommes frites. We did not enjoy the service all that much – we think the waiter was trying to be snooty and French, but he actually just came across as not terribly efficient. And then we went here for massages and pedicures. Oh how I wish I could afford to have spa day on a regular basis (this spa day was a gift from Laila’s mom)! Particularly spa day with a Laila. It’s so much more fun when you have someone with whom you can debate whether or not you should wear your bra under your robe, to giggle in the hallway as you wait for a guy to clear out of the changing room, or to make fun of the ridiculous carousel dress in the Vanity Fair ad. And someone to discuss the spa people with. Like Laila’s gay male massage therapist who claimed he was “just like a woman” (nice try, but not really) and my excellent yet aggressively indifferent pedicurist, who seemed to want to pretend I wasn’t attached to the feet she was working on. Evil cold of death aside, it was a lovely day with one of my best friends and favorite people, which is in itself rejuvenating, even without the spa treatments.

Then this morning I had the bright idea that I wouldn’t take any cold medicine today. I would just let everything drain and I would feel so much better. Apparently the overwhelming flood of snot has finally started to affect my brain, because this is the hypothesis of an idiot. An idiot, I tell you! The only time I felt human all morning was when I was actually in the shower breathing in steam. The rest of the time? Complete and utter misery. So I chucked that plan and went back to my true love, DayQuil. I’m sorry DayQuil. I’ll never turn on you again.