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Sunday, March 27, 2005

The search goes on

We went out with our realtor for the first time yesterday to look at houses. Easter weekend isn’t a great time to go looking – there just isn’t that much for sale right now. I had picked five places I wanted to see, but unfortunately one of them listed and sold in one day, so we only got to see four. Two of them were in Montgomery County where we currently live. Sadly, these houses were completely unacceptable. (That sound you hear is John saying “I told you the houses in Germantown would be crap!”) Which he did, but I thought maybe we could find something decent in our price range. And if we hadn’t gone to check these two out, not only would I have always wondered if we could have found a place closer in…we also would have missed seeing the place where the woman had a topless photo of herself displayed in the bedroom. Now that’s classy. I actually felt bad for her realtor, because the place looked as if it might collapse or spontaneously burst into flames at any second.

Anyway, after that experience, I can definitely say we’re headed for Frederick County – a little bit of an adjustment for someone who grew up making fun of “Frednecks,” but the houses out there are soooo much better. The first place we checked out in Frederick was the Harley house. This guy had Harley everything, up to and including a Harley cookie jar. The place was ok, but it just wasn’t what we wanted.

And then we went to the house. It is in the neighborhood we had identified as our number one choice. I loved it. John loved it. Even the realtor seemed impressed. 3 good-sized bedrooms, a huge kitchen, a really nice deck, a fenced-in back yard and a fireplace! It even backs up to a park. It’s not perfect – there’s a shed in the back yard that we don’t really want, the fridge is kind of crappy and the woman has vastly different taste than I do. Vastly. It is decorated all cutesy and pink and purple and froufy, which is just not my thing. But that can be fixed with paint. The main problem is that they’ve overpriced it by $20,000-$25,000. We could afford it, although it is at the top of our range, but the house is just not worth as much as they are asking for it. The realtor says all we can do is hope they don’t get any offers at that price, and then maybe make them an offer in the right price range next week. So, dear Internet, please keep your fingers crossed that no one else is willing to overpay for this house either! Or, alternatively, that another house in the same neighborhood will come on the market at the proper price. Preferably one without a lilac and floral master bathroom.