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Monday, March 21, 2005

So I went to New York…

…and it was lovely. My friend Julie and I haven’t spent that much time hanging out just the two of us in years. Her son Ben is a sweet natured and adorable little boy. And after the hectic pace of the last couple of weeks, I desperately needed a couple of days to relax. As it turns out, life moves very differently for a woman who is still breastfeeding an infant every two hours. You just can’t do all that much. Plus, Julie’s husband Mark fell and fractured his ankle a couple of days before I arrived, so he wasn’t very mobile. So we gabbed, and played with the baby, and went for walks in the park – two parks actually, one of which was Flushing Meadow Park, where they have the US Open, and which has been the site of two World’s Fairs. My parents went to the 1964 World’s Fair there and it was a little odd to think of them, younger than I am now, walking in the same place I was walking. Oh, and we watched Harold and Kumar Go to WhiteCastle on their ginormous TV. It was, as you might expect, was an occasionally funny but mostly stupid stoner movie. We made it more fun by actually going to WhiteCastle following the movie (they had burgers, I had fries.)

The one lame part was that my cold was still in the picture. I was a little worried that it was Hideous Cold of Death II: The Recoldening, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it is just my original cold going for an overblown, extended heavy-metal type ending. So I’m back, mostly healthy, definitely relaxed and diving back into my week. Which will include: a visit to the fertility specialist, dinner with my dad, and a separate (and probably far more enjoyable) dinner with my friend Becky, house hunting, lots and lots of work and more. Right back into thick of things I go.