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Thursday, March 31, 2005


• I owe all of you huge thank-yous. The comments, emails and in Laila’s case, phone call and shopping therapy plan, that I received in response to my last post were wonderful. Your support gave me the boost I desperately needed. For now, I’m just going to focus on the diagnostics, and try not to freak out so much about what comes next. So, thank you. You all rock!

• Speaking of infertility, ancient Chinese wisdom may hold the answer to my problems. I went out dinner with my friend Becky on Tuesday night and got this fortune “You are a happy man.” Now there’s an angle we hadn’t considered – that I’m actually a man, baby.

• The house I liked so much sold. Sigh. The good news is another house on the same street just went on the market. We’re going to go see it tomorrow at lunch time, along with two others in the same basic area. It’s nerve wracking, but exciting too.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!