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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Pros and cons of country living

My new home, which I love by the way, is quite a bit farther out from the city than I’ve ever lived before. For the most part, I like it, but I am going to have to do some adjusting.

There are a lot fewer people out here for one thing. Which has its benefits, like less noise and light pollution, more green space, and a lot less crowding. I can go to Target on Saturday afternoon and not have to fight for a parking space, push my way past people to get down the aisles, and or stand in line forever to check out.

It is beautiful around here. As I walk around my new neighborhood with Seamus, I have multiple views of the mountains in the distance. Just the other night I discovered that we can see the fireworks displays that they put on at the minor league baseball stadium. And we’re right on the edge of all of the development, so if we drive for five minutes or so, there’s nothing but farmland and parkland, which is a welcome change from Rockville Pike.

And, of course, there’s just the plain old joy of homeownership. John and I are convinced that we live in the best neighborhood around, and every day we find something else we like about our place.

However, there are some drawbacks. The commute, while not horrendous just yet, is long, and can get quite trafficky. That’s no fun, particularly for a person who has had a 15 minute commute for the last five years.

Those checkout counters where I don’t have to wait in line? Are staffed by people who want to have conversations with me and make comments about my items. That keeps throwing me for a loop. And if there are any people in line, it takes forever because of all the chit chat!

Hummus seems to be an exotic foreign food. None of the grocery stores have it. Whole Foods and Trader Joes are something like 30 miles away. There are no Thai restaurants, although I believe there are two Indian restaurants for us to try. One of the main attractions at the community picnic was the gun safety presentation. Not that I don’t think gun safety is important (if you have a gun, you’d damn well better know how not to shoot yourself or someone else by accident), but for someone like me, it is a whole different culture where that is a focus along with the moonbounce and the snocones.

Adjustments aside though, I love it here. No regrets. Not a one. Even if I do have to learn to make small talk with cashiers.